Operations & Reporting

Analysis tools that leaders can rely on to understand their business and make data driven decisions.

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Club Reporting

Understand Your Club Through Data

Our standard and customizable reports keep you informed of the essential labor, facility and financial data you need to make important club decisions.



Facility Utilization

Examine which facilities at your club are getting the most use, including rounds played, court bookings, dining reservations and more.


Employee Cost Analysis

Compare the cost of your workforce versus the revenue generated over a given period.


Revenue Areas

Investigate which departments, categories and items are generating revenue at your club.

Membership Reporting

Understand Your Members by the Numbers

Understand the current state of your membership as a whole and the habits of the individual member.




Survey the statistical composition of your membership by age, gender, marital status and more.


Attendance, Participation and Spending

Determine which members are coming to the club, taking part in events and spending money so you can flag at risk members early.


Member Retention

Compare year over year habits of your members to flag individuals that are trending towards resignation.

Financial Reporting

Tools to Make Better Decisions

Take control of financial analysis and make better data driven decisions.



Unlimited Comparative Financial Statements

Design your own income statements and balance sheets using a multitude of data types.


Vendor Analysis

Evaluate vendor spending to determine future purchase decisions.


Cash Flow Analysis

Get a clear view of assets and earnings with a detailed analysis of your operations, investments and financing.

Operational Management

Applications Built to Manage Your Whole Facility

Your club is unique, so the applications helping you manage your business need to match that individuality.


Marina Management

Its flexibility and user friendliness makes it easy to manage member billing, maintenance of wet and dry storage, and waiting lists.




Our Home Owners suite of applications allow you to oversee your accounting, amenities, services, maintenance and overall property management.



Hotel Management

Manage all your reservations, guest details, and room requirements from one easy to use application.




Customer Relationship Management - Track and nurture prospective members through the recruitment process while managing the experience of existing members.