Whether you are beginning to offer wellness services or running a full service health and spa facility, our Spa Management application will simplify your daily operations, and help you provide a more relaxing experience for your members and staff alike.

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Member Tracking

Keep detailed health, booking, and internal notes, allowing your staff to better cater to your member’s individual needs. These notes will then be displayed at the time of booking, check-in, or both depending on individual user settings.

Commissions and Gratuities

Commission plans can be established for both services rendered, as well as products sold. Additionally, commission is automatically calculated, and assigned to the appropriate provider and can even be split to ensure fair distribution if needed.

Customizable Views

Views can be customized based on the needs of the user. For example, users booking a massage therapist can set it so they only see that employee’s schedule.

Users can also save their preferences so that each time they login, the main booking screen will default to their preferred view.

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