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Transform your Club’s AP Department

CSI Paysystems automates your monthly Accounts Payable processing with a secure, single use credit card transaction and creates a new revenue stream for your club with monthly rebates. Direct integration with Jonas means easy payment processing to your vendors, automatic reconciliation back to Jonas.

Why Are clubs using csi?

Additional Revenue Generation

Increase cash flow with rebates earned on payments to vendors. You’ll generate new monthly revenue simply by paying your bills.


Gain full visibility of your payment activity, 24/7. Better control over cash flow and timing of vendor payments, allowing you to maximize early payment discounts wherever possible.


Automating payments will streamline your workflow and increase productivity. Free up employee time to more valuable, revenue-generating activities.

Increase Security

Mitigate the risk of payment fraud by establishing concrete approval processes, identifying invoice discrepancies, and flagging vendor errors.

Seamless Implementation

CSI handles all of the setup and vendor enrollment for you.

Seamless Jonas Integration

CSI is fully integrated with Jonas Club Software, which allows reconciliation data to get passed back to your system.

Paper Check Control With Credit Card Convenience

Every time you pay a vendor, CSI Paysystems issues and securely delivers a one-time-use virtual card for the exact dollar amount.

This electronic alternative to paper checks acts as a check disbursements out of Jonas Club System and reconcile just as a paper check would with the added benefit of qualifying for monthly cash back rewards for all payments made using CSI.

Why Trust CSI?

They’re Global

In January of 2019. CSI Paysystems was acquired by Edenred. Edenred is listed on the Paris stock exchange as EDEN:FP.

They’re Experienced

CSI has 28 years of expertise in payments, partnerships with major U.S. banks and is a Certified MasterCard processor.

They’re Trusted

More than 7,500 corporate customers, over 2,500 integrated accounts payable implementations and over 200 golf clubs use CSI and Jonas Club Software.

They’re Innovative

CSI is the proud recipient of numerous awards including 2016 Best POS Innovation, 2017 Top Ten Mobile Banking App and more.

Sampling of Golf Vendors who accept CSI Virtual Cards

Beneficial for Buyers & Vendors

Buyer Benefits

Low Payment processing cost

Significant rebate income

Easier vendor onboarding and maintenance

More secure disbursements with reduced exposure to fraud

Vendor Benefits

Faster payment/ reduce DSO

Preferred vendor status

More secure payment

Detailed remittance information provided for easy reconciliation

Some of CSI and Jonas's Extensive Client Portfolio of over 180 Clubs