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Your Jonas Club Software System Always Within Reach

Jonas Club Software Management App empowers you to have high-level access to your Jonas Club Software system on your mobile and tablet devices. It collects data from all connected services at the club and displays curated information to help you get the most useful information in the least amount of time.

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Today’s Agenda

See today’s agenda at a glance and plan your day

  • Club events & banquets
  • Member bookings and visits
  • Today’s meet-and-greet schedule
  • Member birthdays and anniversaries

Member Profiles

Look up member profiles and access the information you need quickly

  • View member and guest profiles
  • Members Account Summary
  • Member visits
  • Member bookings
  • Purchase history, birthday, and more

Internal Messaging

Communicate with staff effectively to create exceptional experiences for members

  • Broadcast important messages to staff
  • 1:1 chat with staff

Daily Reports

View daily reports and statistics and enhance operational efficiency

  • Activity Statistics
  • POS Views

Inventory Status

Always be ready by keeping track of inventory

  • Scan item barcode
  • Manually search items

Designed for Club Executives and Department Managers

Managers can take advantage of the Management App to plan their day, oversee operations more efficiently, and optimize their workflow

Unprecedented Access to Jonas Club Software System on Your Phone

Available on mobile and tablet devices, managers can access the key features of the Jonas Club Software system on the go.

Powered by Jonas ARC

Jonas ARC™ is the proven integration platform that delivers seamless, simplified and secure coordination and connectivity across the Jonas Club Software ecosystem.

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