Activity Tracking

With our Activity Tracking application, you can have attendants check a member in, let members check themselves in, or provide an automatic check in by using the club mobile app and beacon technology.

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Understand Where Your Members Have Been in the Club

Using this technology's built in reporting feature will let you gain better insight into how your members are using club facilities.

  • Know where and when members have entered different areas of the club
  • Discover lowest performing facilities so you can predict staffing needs
  • See which members are not taking advantage of facilities so you know which members are at risk

POS Integration You Can’t Ignore

Activity Tracking integrates with your POS so you can automatically add fees based on various criteria.

  • Include guest fees
  • Add automatic charges by member rule or member status.
  • Include Ad-Hoc charges such as a towel fee

Gain a Real Time View

Monitor member check-ins from any workstation at the club so you know which facilities are in use and who is using them

  • Alert staff when members not in good standing try to access the club
  • Alert staff when members try to access club facilities that are not included in their member class

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