We understand your business and provide the necessary tools to allow your team to easily track and report on all transactions within your facility - from member spending in a restaurant to the payable history of a particular vendor.

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Accounts Payable - Control the Payable Process

The Jonas Accounts Payable Application helps you maintain your entire cash flow process, eliminate manual tasks and keep your numbers accurate.

  • Setup and post payables quickly and easily.
  • Reduce costs and increase security.
  • Reduce check fraud with simple and secure check processing.

Membership Management & Accounts Receivable - The Engine of the Jonas System

This robust application allows you to maintain all of your membership information while ensuring proper billing of your members.

  • Every transaction a member makes is automatically added to their account.
  • Save time by emailing statements directly from your system.
  • Add a variety of custom fields to member accounts so you can segment your reporting.
  • Track tournament Vouchers, gift certificates, and other related credit to improve cash flow.

The Foundation of the Accounting Software Suite

General Ledger (G/L) allows you to post balances, accommodate accruals with automatic offsets, post recurring entries and much more.

  • No manual year end journal entries are required making your year-end stress free.
  • Setup recurring journal entries with automation.
  • Easily update your budget with actuals and generate forecasts directly from the Jonas system.

Online Applications

Eliminate the printed club roster and paper statements by going digital.

Online Roster

Display and control member information on your club website, allowing your members to connect with each other.

  • Display member photos, birthdays, dependents and custom fields unique to your club.
  • Members can create and manage buddies lists and groups.
  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Online Statements

Provide members an up to date online statement so they’re not surprised at months end.

  • Up to date monthly minimum, credit book and loyalty balances are all available to view.
  • Members can view previous months statements and individual charges, down to specific chits.
  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Online Payments

Online Payments provides a fast and secure process with which your members can pay their monthly statements.

  • Reduce time consuming and laborious staff processes such as depositing member payments into your bank account.
  • Credit card and bank draft options available.
  • Easiest way for members to pay their monthly statement when abroad.

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