Modernize your club’s kitchen operations with the Kitchen Display System trusted by most major brands world wide.

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Direct from your POS to the Kitchen

The KDS integrates directly with your Jonas POS system and displays order information like:

  • Order ID
  • Waiting time
  • Table
  • Waiter
  • Order type
  • Destination
  • Order status

Customizable and Easy to use for Maximum Co-ordination

  • Manually recall orders that were previously bumped.
  • Manually transfer the order or an item to a given station.
  • Rush/Fire higher priority orders.
  • Display user remarks on orders, such as allergies or special requests.

User Friendly for New Employees

  • Displays details on recipe preparation, including pictures and videos.
  • Automatically highlights the order that items need to be prepared in.
  • Distributes work between stations based on their preparation time or order sequence.

Partnered With Logic Controls

Jonas has teamed up with the industry leader in KDS automation, Logic Controls to provide its clients with the most advanced KDS on the market used by most major brands. With over 30 years of industry experience, the KDS units come with the choice between Logic Control Premium or IOS Native Allee.

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