Jonas Club Software Releases New Tools to Help Clubs Safeguard Employees and Members


Jonas Club Software Releases New Tools to Help Clubs Safeguard Employees and Members
January 18, 2020 – Markham, ON Canada As workplaces across the globe navigate their way through lockdowns and reopenings, tools designed to safeguard employees and clients/members are becoming a must have for business owners and operators everywhere. Regular employee health checks and the ability to verify who has been on site have become essential to how businesses will operate in 2021.

It is with this in mind that Jonas Club Software is excited to announce the availability of Staff Symptom Attestations and new Member Visits Reports directly within the Jonas Club Software system, both of which are included to all clients at no additional cost.

Staff Attestation
If your club wishes to require staff to answer a screening questionnaire prior to logging in to Jonas, you can now use this new feature to record staff members’ answers and grant or deny permission to log in based on the answer given.
The Staff Health Attestation can be applied once, on the staff member’s first log-in, or applied each time the staff member begins the log-in process. There is also a full audit trail with an easy export, allowing management to quickly report on staff entries.

Member Visits Reports
Jonas Club Software has added new reports to help clubs determine which members have visited the club on specified dates and which club members possibly could have come in contact with other members on specific dates. The Member Visits Report leverages activity within specific Jonas Club Software system modules, during a specified date range, to help clubs compile a list of members that were present at the club on those dates. The Member Tracing Report allows clubs to select a member(s) and determine which other members had club activity on the same day(s) as the chosen member(s). Both reports were created to help clubs in their member tracing efforts as they strive to keep members and staff safe.
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