Jonas Club Software Launches Member Self-Serve Kiosk In Collaboration With Elo


July 21, 2020 – Markham, ON Canada – Jonas Club Software is excited to introduce an innovative addition to their club industry leading suite of integrated club technology. Jonas has created a Self-Serve Kiosk that allows club members to make quick, convenient purchases throughout the club without the need for staffing. In addition, Jonas Club Software has partnered with Elo Touch Solutions, the industry leading provider of Touchscreen Displays, to deliver tailor made hardware options for the new Self-Serve Kiosk.

See the new Self-Serve Kiosk from Jonas Club Software in action
The Kiosk is perfect for grab-and-go areas like the halfway house on the golf course, a fitness facility, or a locker room. Members simply enter their account number or scan their member card, select items from the Point of Sale menu, or scan barcode ready items and charge the order to their account. This self-service functionality provides members with a convenient way to purchase small items in club areas where it would not be financially viable if a staff attendant was required.

“We’re seeing this service offered everywhere - in airports, restaurants, movie theaters - and we believe that clubs will be eager to adopt this technology to better serve their members. In the current climate where clubs are seeking ways to extend services to members while limiting in person interactions, the opportunity to provide members with more Self-Serve options seems like a natural fit.” - Trevor Coughlan, Vice-President Marketing, Jonas Club Software

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Media Contact:
Trevor Coughlan
Vice President, Marketing
Jonas Club Software