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Hiawatha Sportsman's Club - website

The Hiawatha Sportsman's Club, located in Michigan's upper peninsula, covers a staggering 35,000 acres of land and offers nearly enough activities to keep every acre busy. The club, in operation since 1927, offers its members everything from fishing and hunting, to bird watching, kayaking, and if you're up for it, even a round of golf. However, with so many activities to highlight and promote, the club realized in 2013 that their existing website just wasn't doing enough to showcase these offerings or communicate with its members.

Laura Zellar, General Manager at Hiawatha said

Our members come from all across the nation, so keeping them up to date is a must. The website is user friendly and easy to update, which allows us to easily post board meeting minutes, committee information, and allows members to access and pay their statements from anywhere. Since the launch of our site, many of our members have complimented the site and its functionality.

Hiawatha Sportsman's Club - website

Due to the array services and activities offered by the club, their website was no small undertaking either. The site itself has over 60 pages of content, and throughout the process, Ann Farquhar, Chair of the Software Development and Automation Committee, worked closely with Clubhouse Online staff. Ann noted that she was

... very impressed with the quality customer service and support we received during the implementation of our website.

You can see the completed Hiawatha Sportsman's Club website by visiting www.hiawathaclub.com. For more information on ClubHouse Online, and the services offered by our talented team of Graphic Designers, Programmers, and Service Specialists, you can contact us at any time.