Modular Makes For the Right Fit

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  • Modular Makes for the Right Fit

    Many clubs think that software vendors only offer one size fits all options. As a result, clubs often seek out small providers to implement multiple independent systems which are not properly architected to work together. However, when a system such as Jonas Club Software is offered in a modular fashion, an entire system replacement is not always necessary when clubs are interested in upgrading strategic areas of their club.


    A prominent Gauteng club was in the process of sourcing multiple independent vendors to provide automated Green Fee Collection, Online Tee Time Bookings, Point Of Sale, and Handicapping capabilities. Up until this time, the club simply hadn’t considered the options that Jonas Club Software could provide for an independently managed golf solution.

    After discussing options with the club, Jonas Club Software was selected as a low cost option to provide the Golf Management suite for the club. This suite would be further extended with an integrated Membership Database, thereby enabling the club to generate detailed reports.


    The installation was completed over a 5 day period which minimised business disruptions. During the installation, the membership database and prepaid rounds were set up, and the member types were linked to correct green fees. The Jonas Club Software system was also implemented with grid pricing which allowed the club to charge different fees for different days of week, and times of day.


    • Point of Sale for the Club and Pro Shop
      • Competitions, Golf Carts, Rental Clubs, etc.
    • Tee-Time Booking Management System
    • Club Management enabling detailed membership reporting
    • Handicaps Network Africa Interface

    Future Opportunities

    The next logical step for the club would be a complete integrated system implementation including the Accounts and Stock modules. These modules would further enable the club to implement additional online tools and, if desired, interactive social networking for its members to use at their pleasure.


    • The club has improved management and information control of the green fee collection process
    • Membership & Golf reporting has been improved with integrated Green Fee collections and Membership Database
    • Both the club and its members have seen a significant improvement in member-service relations and management system efficiency