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Harnessing the Power of Business Intelligence in 2019

Tuesday, May 14 at 1:00 PM EDT


Trevor Coughlan
Director of Marketing and Product Management

Scott Taylor
Director of Inside Sales

Explore the differences between Business Intelligence and simple reporting


Examine how clubs can expand their data analysis with Experiential and Utilization metrics


Learn how MemberInsight and MetricsFirst can help transform your business in 2019



A club has an incredible data set at its disposable, nearly overwhelming to the point that one could be paralyzed to even begin mining for insights. MetricsFirst brings the data into one place, in an easy to understand set of analytics, so that you can monitor the day to day performance of your club. Whether the data is coming from club management software, social media, or your club marketing efforts, MetricsFirst integrates with over 25 platforms. This enables you to spot trends in real-time, influence decision-making and improve the member experience.

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If a club is relying on an annual survey to measure member satisfaction, club management is not getting the data in a timely and actionable fashion. The member experience is fluid and should be monitored on a regular basis with automated surveys that are triggered by member interactions at the club. MemberInsight empowers you to collect, manage, analyze and follow up on member feedback. Over time your club will develop an overall member satisfaction score and department specific scores to determine which business areas require improvements.