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We have created this resources center to better help your club use Jonas Club Software applications and tools during these unique circumstances. While standard accounting, membership management and reporting functionality will still be critical to maintain the essential operations of your business, the goal of these tips and strategies is to raise awareness of tools that are available to you.

Dynamic Dining - Making the Most of Your Reservations in a Distancing World


Online Ordering Enhancements


Member Surveys in Uncertain Times - with MemberInsight and GGA Partners


Blocking An Open Tee Sheet for Two Players Per Tee Time

If your club has changed the number of players allowed per Tee Time and want to edit an open tee sheet, click on the link below for step-by-step instructions.

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Accessing Jonas Club Software Remotely

Did you know that you and your staff can access your Jonas Club Software system remotely? A secure Remote Desktop connection will allow you and your staff to stay on top of everything while working remotely. If you are interested in implementing a Remote Desktop setup at your club, please contact our support team and have your IT administrator prepared to assist, as they will need to ensure your RDP setup meets or exceeds the security requirements as outlined in our documentation.


Document Management

If handling documents and paperwork is a concern to you or your staff, our Document Management application can alleviate this stress. Document Management eliminates the need to handle paper in any way shape or form - take invoices digitally, process and store them in your Jonas Club Software system, and member documents and communications can easily be saved and stored against member accounts. All digitally, without the need to physically handle any paperwork.

Digital Statements & Payments

There are a number of electronic payment processing options available from Jonas Club Software that can eliminate the need to manually process checks and paperwork. Installment billing makes it easy to set up manageable payment plans, while Pre-Authorized Bank Drafts and Credit Card Payments automate the payment process for your members. Add to this the ability to display member statements online and even process payments, and your club can digitize the entire payments process.

Mobile App Push Notifications

Now more than ever members will be eager to receive updates and announcements from their club. We recommend that important information is shared on multiple channels so that it has the best chance of reaching the most individuals. Mobile app push notifications are an effective way to send out concise announcements with a link to a page on your website. Segmentation allows you to target your push notifications to specific groups within the club. Members can also receive a push notification in combination with the Online Ordering application, notifying them when an order is ready for pickup.

Online Ordering

Many states and jurisdictions have mandated that clubs and restaurants can only remain open for takeout orders. The Jonas Club Software Online Ordering application allows your members to view your dining menus and place orders from the convenience of a ClubHouse Online website or mobile app. Club management can send members notifications when orders are ready, schedule hours when online ordering is available and charge member accounts using the same methods as any point of sale purchase.

New Enhancement: Now when a member places an order online they can select Delivery as their Order Type, prompting the delivery address feature. Members can then choose where they want their order delivered, including an existing address from their Online Roster profile or a manually entered address.

Adding Home Addresses to Chits for Home Delivery

If your club is offering home food delivery as a new member service, then a simple chit design change can add a level of convenience for your team. With a quick setup change in your Point Of Sale, you can have a members home address and cell phone number printed at the bottom of the chit. Attach this to the order bag, and your delivery team is ready to go.

ClubHouse Online Websites

Your club website just became the central hub for all club activity, and your single most important tool to enhance member communication and connectivity. Make sure you’re using all aspects of your ClubHouse Online website to its fullest potential during this time.

Email Marketing

It goes without saying, but email is likely still the core of your digital member communications. Email Marketing allows you to create, schedule and segment your e-mail communications. One of the key advantages of email marketing is the reporting functionality. By knowing who has read your email communications you can get a clearer picture of who is informed and follow up with members that are not engaged. Additionally, since Email Marketing allows you to create web versions of your emails clubs can establish an archive page on their website that includes links to all past email communications.

MemberInsight Surveys

Club communications and fostering a sense of community are becoming extremely important during these unique circumstances and MemberInsight can help. The platform allows you to send custom one-off surveys to your members to easily collect their feedback.

What might you want to ask them at this time?

  • Are there any services that our club can offer to help you at this time?
  • Do you, or will you need assistance if you are locked down?
    • If you answered “Yes” are we able to distribute your contact information to other club members who are willing to assist?
  • Do you wish to be available to help other members who may need assistance with grocery pickup, prescription fulfillment, or other local services during this time?
    • If you answered yes, are we able to distribute your contact information to those in need?
  • If you are at home with children, can you share any tips or suggestions with other members as to how you’re keeping them entertained?

YouTube Video Library

Now might be an opportunity to explore the video library for tutorials, best practices and tips on how to use your Jonas Club Software System.

Innovative Ideas

Clubs around the world are doing what they can for their members, showing how strong this community is the face of adversity. Check out the Addison Reserve Country Club in action below:

Commissary or Pantry Sale

Your club restaurant might have an abundance of inventory needed by members that are cooking at home. By using Online Ordering, you could offer your members ingredients or “meal kits” that they could pick up and use at home.


Vendor Orders

Many household items such as toilet paper and paper towels are becoming increasingly difficult to find at supermarkets. Clubs can procure these items through their vendors and offer them to members. An online form could be set up on the club website to take orders.

Health & Safety Portal

Create a dedicated page for all updates related to Covid-19 on your club’s website. This page could include an archive of all related announcements, links to web versions of emails and links to other local, country or state agency websites that offer relevant health information. Make sure to give the page an easy to remember URL like, making it easy for your members to find and remember.


Sharing Video Content with your Members

Video is more than just a form of entertainment, it’s a powerful method of personalized communication in what is becoming a very isolating time for some people. Here are some of the great video content ideas we’ve already seen our clients sharing.

  • Fitness Routines
    • Everyone is trying to get the best home workout possible, often with limited equipment. Who better than your clubs Personal Trainers & Fitness Staff to help coach them while they’re away from the club.
  • Digital Cooking Lessons with your Chef
    • Now is a time when many of us are getting creative in our home kitchens. Tips from your kitchen professionals on how to make the most of staple ingredients might be a welcome distraction for your members.
  • At Home Golf or Tennis Drills
    • Golfers and tennis players are in their backyards or living rooms trying to improve their game using any drill they can find. Club professionals could share some of their favorite at home drills to help members improve. With the golf course empty, the pro could give a video walk-through of how to best play a difficult hole at the club.
  • Video Updates and announcements from key staff members
    • Sure, updates can be sent via email, but hearing an update directly from the General Manager or Club President is a much more personalized approach to keeping members informed and maintaining a sense of community.

The Club at Ibis

General Manager, Stephen J. LoGiudice is using video to update membership.


Spring Island, South Carolina

Chef Jeremy at Spring Island, South Carolina is teaching members how to make Veal Piccata

Latrobe Country Club

Latrobe Country Club Launches Take and Bake Program for Members


Become a Grocery Pick Up Point

Clubs could work with a grocery store or food box supplier to become a pick up location for members. By providing this service you'll remove the stress and time needed to line up at busy grocery stores, increasing the safety of your members.


Helpful Tip: Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Golf Carts

Club Car has a resource to help you increase the safety of your golf cart fleet.

Visit the resource at