MetricsFirst Showcases Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions for Clubs at The 2023 HFTP Club Summit


Markham, Ontario (March 24, 2023) - MetricsFirst, the award-winning provider of integrated business intelligence solutions for private clubs will be attending the 2023 HFTP Club Summit in Denver, Colorado, March 27-28. Leveraging the data clubs already have, this platform enables club executives to make “evidence-based” decisions.

This business intelligence solution helps clubs get deep insights into all aspects of their club with a curated set of KPIs. GGA Partners, a leading private club consulting firm, works with MetricsFirst to establish the KPIs club management needs for better business decision-making.

MetricsFirst provides visual dashboards through a comprehensive process of data mining, data mapping, and presenting them in easy-to-understand formats. This platform offers insights into a wide range of areas, including:
  • Financial KPIs: Provide clubs with quick and easy-to-digest snapshots of the club’s financials including revenue & expenses compared to budgets and historical data.
  • Membership Demographics: Knowing the demographics of a club’s membership is critical for understanding the makeup of the club today and seeing clues as to where it is trending.
  • Tee Times: Helps club executives get a deeper understanding of course utilization when viewing Tee Time Rounds by member type, month, day of the week, or even hour.
  • Menu Analysis: Allows club executives to review Food & Beverage sales categories and items in order to determine top sellers vs items with low sales and/or downward trends.
Role-based views into budgets and financial performance, departmental analysis, historical data, and membership lifecycle are a few other examples of insights accessible via MetricsFirst. MetricsFirst is a cloud-based platform that makes business insights securely accessible from anywhere.

About MetricsFirst
MetricsFirst provides real-time, easy-to-understand reports and visualizations that allow management to understand the club’s performance at a glance and make evidence-based business decisions. It uses multiple sources of data to provide providing meaningful insights and standardized visualizations for clubs that are easy to understand and accessible at any time from anywhere. MetricsFirst is deeply integrated with Jonas Club Software.
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