MemberInsight Continues to Automate the Member Feedback and Follow Up Process for Club Management


December 5th, 2019 - Toronto - MemberInsight, the member intelligence platform for clubs announces major new automation designed to save club management time and enable immediate member follow-up.

“In today’s world, when a customer encounters a negative service experience they have more avenues than ever to talk about it. Everything from word of mouth to thousands of social platforms are used as sounding boards,” said Trevor Coughlan, Vice President of Marketing for MemberInsight. “This is where M.I. comes in - it allows clubs to intervene by offering an almost immediate platform for direct feedback. This in turn empowers club staff to turn negative experiences into positive learning and loyalty-building opportunities.”

With new Automated To-Do Lists, MemberInsight is shortening the already narrow window between member feedback and staff follow up. Club staff can now be associated with individual departments such as the Dining Room, Pro Shop, or Fitness Center and when negative or marginal feedback is received, they are automatically notified. With this feature the appropriate staff is always kept in the loop and members are followed up with in a timely manner, without the need for any manual processing.

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A new year is the perfect time for clubs to start using better member intelligence and assessing if their club is providing exceptional experiences. MemberInsight is hosting a webinar on Wednesday December 11th at 2:00 pm ET to discuss how traditional member surveys are failing clubs and how beneficial it is to use a member intelligence tool like MemberInsight to collect and take action on member feedback.

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