Jonas Club Software and Corporate Spending Innovations Create a Four-Part Accounts Payable Series


Markham, Ontario (October 19, 2021) - Jonas Club Software and CSI Paysystems were recently joined by John Riccio, CFO at GlenArbor Golf Club, in a four-episode series “How to Simplify Your Accounts Payable Process”. Over 200 Jonas Club Software clients currently work with CSI Paysystems to gain better control, efficiency and increased security when making payments to their vendors. Through seamless integration with Jonas Club Software, CSI Paysystems offers clubs the convenience of one-time-use virtual credit cards, a more secure alternative to paper checks. In addition, clubs can increase their cash flow by earning rebates when vendor payments are made.

The four-episode series examines why clubs have been hesitant to automate their AP, the benefits of making the switch and how GlenArbor has been automated for nearly eight years. The series is available to view on YouTube and includes:

Episode 1 – Club Payments Post Pandemic
Remote working and automation were pushed to the forefront during the pandemic and the effects are still being felt by clubs.

Episode 2 – Payments Automation – Buyer & Supplier Benefits
Security, tracking, and rebates are only some of the multiple benefits to buyers using Jonas and CSI Paysystems.

Episode 3 – Payments Automation – Obstacles & Misconceptions
Flexibility is the key that makes payment automation the best solution for many clubs.

Episode 4 – How can payments revolutionize the Club industry?
Revenue generating and time-saving benefits of automated payments are not new, but now more important than ever.
Watch the entire series here:

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