I joined the Jonas Club team in 2017 as a Customer Support Specialist, where I was able to help our clients use the software to its potential for their Club. In turn I learned first hand the power of Jonas software. With over 15 years of experience in the service industry, the move to the Jonas Care team in 2020 seemed natural for me. I’ve made it my top priority to make sure that every challenge faced by our clients is being addressed and troubleshooted. I may take all the credit sometimes but behind the scenes, I’m strategizing with the best team in the biz! Most of all, I really enjoy being able to establish and strengthen relationships with our clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of our software… or as we say here at Jonas, helping clubs Thrive!

Favorite Software Feature

I'd have to say that the Mobile POS App is my Favorite Software feature right now. Coming from someone who has been working in restaurants for 10 years, this is the one I really appreciate. I’d love to ditch my notepad for taking orders, and I’d also love not having to run around the restaurant to find an available POS station to ring in my order. Orders being rung in a timely manner also provide a smooth dinner service. On top of the convenience aspect, being able to ring in orders tableside would eliminate any missed add-ons or modifications. It’s a win all around!